Friday, October 24, 2008

3 Ways UGA can win, 3 Reasons Why They Won't

This one goes out to Free Man:
The Georgia Bulldawgs are gonna walk into Tiger Stadium tomorrow and be in their most hostile environment yet this season against their 2nd-most formidable opponent (Alabama). Here's 3 ways Georgia can escape with the W:

(1.) BLITZ UP THE MIDDLE: LSU's bread and butter running plays are to send Charles Scott and Kieland Willaims straight up the gut. This has been so effective that Scott led the league in rushing until Florida plugged the center of the field up by sending 8 in the box. LSU has yet to prove it can or even wants to run around the ends, but it'll have to if it wants to get close to 200 yards on the ground.

(2.) ZONE, ZONE, ZONE: LSU's quarterback Jarrett Lee can sling the ball down the field quite well even when not set, but he tends to loft balls across the middle on slant patterns. South Carolina and Florida both got gifts from him that way, and both dropped at least 1 other sure interception. I don't see any reason why that will change against Georgia.

(3.) CRANK DAT SOULJA BOY: UGA got in a zone last season only when it let the music blare in practice and during the games in the locker room. They need a spark, a motivational ploy to raise them to the next level. In Tiger Stadium, they'll need it.

Here are 3 reasons why Georgia won't escape with the W.

(1.) LSU WILL GO DEEP, YOUNG MAN: LSU's receivers Demetrius Byrd and Brandon Lefell are both excellent speedsters. They have an advantage that UGA's freshman sensation A.J. Green doesn't have: experience. They've got to take advantage of it. Byrd can run a fly pattern like nobody's business, get him the ball. If LSU connects on just one of these balls its 7 points.

(2.) MORE KIELAND WILLIAMS: LSU entered the season looking to establish Williams as the go-to back, but that was before Scott got some huge runs in the first couple games this year. Bested on the field, Williams had to sit and watch as Scott got the majority of the carries. But now defenses know the plays that Scott is running, so he's being bottled up. Enter Kieland Willaims again: Last week against South Carolina, it was Williams that broke the back of the Gamecocks churning out more than 40 yards on the last drive to seal the victory.

(3.) PRESSURE ON STAFFORD: Matthew Stafford will carve you like a Thanksgiving turkey if you give him time. Jump out on him early and often. Send a defender from the corner, send one from up the middle. Send them all. If not, you're gonna have a time stopping A.J. Green and Knowshon Moreno, who can break a game open.

There, I've said my piece. Now look for the score: LSU 28 - UGA 24.


A Free Man said...

Nice photoshopping, but Uga prefers Auburn Tiger meat. I'm sure he could develop a taste for the Bayou variety though, here's hoping that he develops it this weekend.

Geaux Dawgs! Sique 'em!

The Love Collective said...

Thanks, but Uga is just a sick puppy next to a 500-pound Tiger.

Anonymous said...

ha thats why uga won 52-38;)

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