Saturday, October 23, 2010

Auburn takes 24-17, runs over LSLU 10-23-10

LSU couldn't pass the ball at all, but found a way to tie it early in the 4th quarter. But the only problem was, Auburn had this Super Man-type guy by the name of Cam Newton.
Perhaps you've heard of him? Ran through LSU like syrup down a pancake -- and back up again.
The Auburn Tigers also exposed LSU's fragile two-quarterback system, and more importantly, LSU coaches' lack of confidence it it.
With the game on the line, LSU simply couldn't throw down field. Even when they tried, with Jordan Jefferson, looking off the safety, prize receiver Terrance Toliver dropped the ball, at least twice.
Auburn will be No. 1 by the end of the Sunday, guaranteed.
LSU? They probably are looking at a three-loss season, which in retrospect, is a great year.

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