Sunday, October 26, 2008

5 Reasons Why LSU Lost to Georgia

Matthew Stafford showed up big-time Saturday afternoon in Tiger Stadium, leading the Dogs to a huge 52-38 win against LSU. How did that happen, you say? Here's 5 reasons how:

JARRETT LEE IS BLIND: LSU freshman quarterback Jarrett Lee has an eye affliction: He can't see linebackers. Dude has been picked off in each of the last 4 games by linebackers in the middle of the field. LSU's margin of defeat Saturday was exactly the margin of his two picks that were returned for touchdowns. “I still feel like [Lee's] a quarterback we can win with and I think Hatch is a guy we can win with,” said receiver Demetrius Byrd. Aw, aint that cute.

KNOWSHON MORENO'S RUNNING: The sophomore rushed for 168 yards the hard way: Up the middle. Georgia's offense had seven plays of 20 yards or longer, including Moreno's 47-yard run to set up the Bulldogs' third touchdown and a 68-yard scoring burst that made it 38-17 late in the third quarter. LSU's Charles Scott was valiant for the Tigers but in the end he wasn't a factor since LSU played much of the 2nd half down by 2-3 touchdowns.

UGA'S OFFENSIVE LINE: Say all you want about it being "makeshift" and "hodgepodge." It's dang good, too. Consisting of three freshmen and two sophomores, it held a blitzing LSU defense to only one sack. The Bulldogs have had four different starters at left tackle because of injuries. In fact, Georgia has allowed only one sack in its past three games. It was the difference maker in a game that had to be won upfront.

MATT STAFFORD IS A VETERAN: “He just got right back in the saddle and started throwing strikes, and started throwing some strikes under a little bit of duress,” coach Mark Richt said. He wasn't lying. Stafford (17-of-26 for 2 TDS (plus one one on the ground) made the LSU defense pay for every miscue, every blitz. “Matthew is really maturing. He is standing in there when everything is flying around him and focusing downfield and throwing strikes, and that’s what he’s got to do.”

THE BIG PLAY QUOTA: Georgia started off the game with one, and ended the game with one, big plays. None bigger than Stafford's 48-yard touchdown strike to A.J. Green to give Georgia a 31-17 cushion. Or was it Moreno's 47-yard gain on a simple toss play in the second quarter? Or perhaps it was Moreno's stirring 68-yard touchdown run in the third quarter? Or was it either of substitute middle linebacker Darryl Gamble's 2 interceptions he returned to the house? Or was it ... (get it?)

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A Free Man said...

Oh my god, it was a thing of beauty. Can't wait for the Gators this weekend!

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