Friday, October 03, 2008

Will Kentucky Upset Alabama?

Yes, if:
KU senior receiver Dicky Lyons Jr. mans up and becomes an outspoken leader to his freshmen cohorts. Coach Rich Brooks has endured bad route-running, dropped passes, fumbles and plain ineptitude through the first 5 games this year. Alabama may embarass them.

And if 3 key players, receiver/quarterback Randall Cobb, linebacker Micah Johnson, and defensive tackle Ricky Lumpkin play up to their potential after being out last week.

If KU doubleteams Julio Jones, the sensational freshmen receiver for the Tide.

And if the Kentucky fans can make righteous noise like they did last year against LSU, which catapulted KU into the national championship.
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Anonymous said...

God bless, and good luck. You'll need it. Roll Tide...

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