Monday, September 21, 2009

LSU beats ULL 31-3, but was it kinda lame?

The LSU Tigers won another ballgame Saturday night.
I mean, they won by 28 points, but where's the surge of offensive power?
The dusting off of University of Louisiana-Lafayette 31-3 only raised questions for many Tiger fans.
Senior Brandon LaFell, who some say could be the No. 1 receiver taken in the NFL draft, caught two touchdowns Saturday, but other than that, the other weaponry must've been on safety.
In other words, we're all a little concerned with the lack of O.
See, LSU has not scored more than 32 points this season, which they did in the season opener against Washington.
The Ragin' Cajuns didn't really offer much competition aside from one decent drive in the second drive that ended in a goal line stop by the Tigers.
The Tigers were never in trouble, but if they face any semblance of an offense, and the game tightened up, would LSU's offense respond?
Sophomore Jordan Jefferson still seems tentative under center. Senior Charles Scott just isn't getting the same yards he got last year, and the receivers seem to be dying from lack of attention.
If it wasn't for Chad Jones, who had two picks against Louisiana-Lafayette, who knows what would have happened?
LSU, who moved up to No. 7 in the top 25 this week, will be exposed for what they are next week when they travel to Mississippi State next week.

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