Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Georgia Dawgs Coming to Town (Hide the Crawfish!)

The game SEC fans have circled on their calendars since the schedules came out is upon us this weekend.
Saturday afternoon when No. 11 LSU (5-1, 3-1 SEC) faces No. 9 Georgia (6-1, 3-1) at Tiger Stadium. A loss by the Tigers and they effectively cede the SEC West to Alabama. A victory by the Dawgs and they can remove one hefty rook from the chest game which is their schedule. SEC immortality awaits (Florida's got one more loss in them, and Alabama's loss is coming speedily).
Georgia has a habit of going nuts on an opponent once every season. Last year Florida got their bell rung. This year it has yet to happen, but precedent is against the Tigers. In the 2005 SEC championship game a No. 3-ranked LSU team went to Atlanta and got pimp-slapped by the Bulldogs 34-14.
They did what no other SEC team could do: Knock 260-pound JaMarcus Russell out of the game.
LSU defensive end Tyson Jackson recently recalled the humiliation.
"It was a real bad feeling," guard Herman Johnson said. "Nobody liked that plane ride home, everybody was real upset. I've wanted to play them ever since that game."
This year Georgia, as good as they are, is struggling to find an identity. This year there's no soldier boy, the blackout didn't work, they need a gimmick. What will it be?

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