Friday, October 17, 2008

Spurrier, Gamecocks Will Be Ready

The diabolical Steve Spurrier has had 2 weeks to prepare for the Tigers. No doubt he has some razzle-dazzle planned for one of the Gamecocks' biggest games this season at home. Look for something worthy of YouTube, and something ESPN would want to lead off with. For it was only one year ago that LSU went into its bag of tricks and did a fake field goal that ran on all the highlight shows for about 2 weeks. Spurrier's not one to rest on his Florida trickery, he's got at least one, maybe two in the bag. Thing is, LSU is smarting from the worse loss since the David Green-led Georgia Bulldogs smoked them in 2004. Les Miles and Gary Crowton will no doubt dial up a few things to get ready for the Gamecock Nation. South Carolina is playing for respectability, LSU is still playing for a national championship. Saturday's game will go a long way to establish both ends, but unfortunately, only one team can win.


A Free Man said...

Hey there Love,

I run a blog on which, among other things, I do a weekly trash talk column with a blogger who supports whoever is unlucky enough to be playing my alma mater - the Georgia Bulldogs. I am wondering if you'd be keen to represent the Tigers this week.

Have a look at past installments:

Nothing too technical, I'm not interested in "inside baseball", so to speak. Usually lighthearted and clever.

If you're keen, I'd like to post Friday morning, so if you could get a post to me by Thursday morning, I could edit things and get it up Friday. I'll, of course, include a link to your site as well.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes,


The Love Collective said...

@ Free Man:
I'd love to do it, man. Where do I send it?

Anonymous said...

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