Tuesday, September 08, 2009

LSU Defense Begins 09 Kinda Shaky

To say the Tigers escaped out of Washington Huskie-land by the skin of their teeth is like characterizing Bill Gates is well off.
Speaking of well off, that's exactly how the John Chavis-led defensive unit for LSU performed late Saturday night: They were well, off.
If not from a game-clinching touchdown by super soph receiver Terrence Toliver, who clearly couldn't be guarded by one defender, the Tigers would have gotten ran out of the Northwest.
The defense had some moments of brilliance (Is middle linebacker Jacob Cutrera a stud or what?) but by the 4th quarter they were gassed quicker than a millionaire filling up his Lincoln Navigator at Chevron in the hood.
The offense, led by green-but-game Jordan Jefferson, was feast or famine the entire night.
Coach Les Miles said as much: "I just wish we had more possessions," Miles said to .the Daily Advertiser "We scored so fast at times that I was thinking, 'It would be good to run a few more plays before we scored,'" he said.
That's the main difference from Miles's squad of last year and the year before. The Tigers either went 3 and out, or scored in 3 or 4 plays; no grind-it-out yards and no clock-gobbling possessions.
Is this what 2009 season will be like?
And if so, can you stand it?

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