Saturday, October 04, 2008

2 Losses? LSU Gave Everybody Hope

Before LSU's 2-loss national championship last year, no school in the nation gave much credence to losing a couple games and still being a national champion. Not until LSU and college football's wacky year did such a thing ever enter the mind of college football fans, coaches and players. But now? Everybody cites LSU as the reason why they still have their eyes on the prize.
Don't get me wrong now, people complained, but the arguments were not consistent. Still, this year everyone from South Carolina Gamecocks to the Florida State Seminoles believes it can still win the big one. Why? Because of what LSU did. Truth be told, LSU needs to thank Pittsburgh for edging West Virginia, and Oklahoma for whipping Missouri. If those two games didn't turn out the way it did, with one week left in the season, we were looking at a West Virginia-Mizzou championship (and they both were deserving).

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