Saturday, September 27, 2008

It's Official: Bama is the Scariest Team in the SEC

The Bear is back.
Ask Georgia, who got shellacked 41-30 on Saturday night to a too fast, too hungry Alabama team.
Bama raced to a 31-point lead that all but the most insane UGA fan knew was too much to overcome.
With Florida's loss to Ole Miss, that makes the Tide and LSU the only undefeated teams in the SEC.
Who's the best? We'll know shortly, but what's not up to debate is that Alabama looks scary-good.
UGA made John Parker Wilson hook up with sensational freshman Julio Jones on a 31-yard pass and Glen Coffee churned out 82 yards on a good UGA defense.
If Alabama can do this to UGA (the game was not as close as the final score indicated) then LSU, with its vanilla secondary, looks like easy pickings.

1 comment:

B3arcub said...

It was a FLUKE! The UGA players ate some bad seafood the night before. Bama is really not that tough. No need for the Tigguh Nation to worry. No need for the Barners or Tutorsee to worry. This was just a flash in the pan!

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