Saturday, September 25, 2010

Live Blogging the West Virginia @ LSU Game: 20-14

First off, congrats to the West Virginia Mountaineers. They have some special talents on both sides of the ball, starting with Divine.
LSU will win this one, but not in a going away fashion.
Some things are painfully evident. Les Miles and Gary Crowton still don't know how to coach Jefferson. Also, Jefferson just isn't progressing. Sorry, he just isn't. Other quarterbacks with his experience behind pocket are calling audibles, checking out of bad plays, confusing defenses. Not J.J.
The Tigers won, but barely. Not in a confident mode or dramatic fashion. They'll win this one as they've won against all the teams last year, and North Carolina this year: By the skin of their teeth. Yeah, but we can't be mad: We're 4-0, BABY (Top 10, here we come!)
Ridley up the middle on first and second down, and a modest pass short of the first down for Lee. LSU must punt.
Wow, Jarrett Lee has entered the game for Jefferson, who can't throw it in the ocean.
LSU's defense forces the punt with 8 minutes left in the game.
LSU's defense stuffs Divine one play after he turned a 3-yard loss into a 12-yard gain. #Dangerous
Nice run, Jefferson. LSU won't have enough for the first down despite getting first and goal at the 10 yard line. Jasper kicks the field goal. LSU 20 - WV 14.
LSU has turned to the ground, just like it did last game against Vanderbiilt. The passing game is terrible.
Nice pass in the flat from Jefferson to Randle. First down at the Mountaineers' 40 yard line.
Jefferson under center, the give is to Ridley who rips up the middle for 16 big ones.
Tests were negative for West Virginia's Divine (big toe), but will he be back?
Wait, Jefferson walks back out there on the field for the Tigers' possession. The crowd is booing. Again.
Jefferson looks scared, even on the sideline. The crowd is antsy about him going back in, and, well, how do you like that? Jarrett Lee, LSU's former starting QB, has put on his helmet and is warming up. The crowd is going crazy.

West Virginia gets a good run then a great throw. The Mountaineers are running well this drive, and mixing it up with the pass as well. Smith avoids a sack, pass complete to Jock Sanders for 13 yards = TOUCHDOWN MOUNTAINEERS. LSU 17 - WV 14
Jefferson looks lost, he scrambles for little gain on first down. On second down he throws it too high for Randle. Jefferson throws it ... INTERCEPTED by West Virginia. (crowd starts to boo Jefferson).
West Virginia looks determined this time, whoa, Geno Smith throws it complete to Stedman Bailey for 5 yards = TOUCHDOWN, Mountaineers.
3 AND OUT: A run for no gain. Jefferson overthrows an easy pass, then the receiver drops one.
LSU is trying to apply pressure, and it's working. West Virginia must punt.
Noel Divine, West Virginia's best runner, has evidently tweaked his leg, actually his toe. He is being taken out of the game.
Jefferson has entered one of his stagnant phases. His balls are low or ... INTERCEPTED.
Patrick Peterson grabs the kickoff out of the air, the 50, the 45, the 40, the 35 .... See ya! #Touchdown LSU.
LSU's Josh Jasper comes out to kick a field goal. GOOD. LSU 10- WV -0.
Thanks to Jefferson's quick feet LSU will keep the chains moving.

LSU's Jordan Jefferson looks shaky early. Hopefully he can calm down.
This didn't take long. TOUCHDOWN Ridley scores from one yard out. LSU 7 - WV -0
Wow, Steven Ridley looks good early. He just gashed West Virginia for about seven yards up the middle.
LSU opens up the game looking to answer some critics amid the Tiger Stadium faithful.

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