Friday, October 17, 2008

Tebow, Florida Run LSU Out of the Stadium, 51- 21

Oh, it was ugly, no doubt about it, it was horrible (not to mention confirmation of what many Tiger fans know to be true). So bad was the whipping that Florida put on LSU on Saturday night that I actually had to turn the channel, yep, and watch C-SPAN.
Do you know what it means to choose C-SPAN and listen to some irrevelant author ramble on about the post-9/11 gentrification in Idaho when your team is playing on television?
I have always said that I was scared of Tebow. Did I know he could hang 51 on us? Sure did.
Did worse to Tennessee last year.
And you know what? Saturday could have been worse, too. If not for an irrelevant fumble midway through the 4th quarter, the Gators would have had almost 60 points.
LSU's defense made ordinary players look like superstars: Gator back Jeffrey Demps got 13 yards per carry on LSU, needing only 10 of them to do uncontrollable damage on the ground. Percy Harvin got 112 yards through the air, with 70-plus coming on a fluke 3rd down which should have been batted down. Tebow's ground game looks pedestrian on the stat sheet, but what isn't recorded is how many times he lounged forward to start a play only to pull back and loft a pass over outstretched purple-and-gold fingers. Jarrett Lee? Played like a redshirt freshman, no more, no less. Andrew Hatch? I like him. Scored with his feet and is more flexible than Lee (if only he could throw the dang ball.). Is this the end for LSU? No, it's just a much-needed and belated round-spanking. The defense needed a game like this in October, so that it can have a perfect November, which is when it plays a surprisingly scary Alabama team. Florida? We'll see them again in December. Trust.

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