Thursday, November 15, 2007

Why Georgia is the SEC's Most Dangerous Team

The Georgia Bulldogs are the most dangerous team in the SEC,
gimmicks or no gimmicks.
UGA is rocking between the Hedges and have celebrated, "blacked out" and Soulja-Boy'd themselves to an 8-2 record against the formidable opponents of their schedule including wins over Florida, Auburn (they lost to South Carolina and Tennessee). They didn't just win against these teams, no last-second ballsy calls or plays, no they demoralized the Auburn Tigers, they made Tim Tebow throw in the towel. And any self-respecting football fan can't help but be envious. They've injected a feel-good vibe into their team and the fans have caught on. Now, the Bulldogs are the most dangerous team in the SEC, which is what the 2-loss LSU Tigers were last year after getting bruised by Auburn and Florida.
Let's be honest, here: As good and fortunate as the LSU Tigers are this year they don't want no part of dem Georgia boys right about now. They are the feel-good story of the SEC this year, not Kentucky, not Alabama. The Bulldogs are headed for an SEC Championship showdown with my LSU Tigers if they can win out, and if that happens, the Georgia Dome will be rockin' "dat Soulja Boy" just like Athens was last week, and Coach Mark Richt has called for a
this week vs. Kentucky. Talk about home field advantage.
Below, witness the Bulldogs rockin' the crowd last week, "crankin' dat Soulja Boy" against Auburn.

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Chris in Oxford said...

Great post. Here's hoping that the Vols lose one so your boys get a chance to prove their worth against the SEC's most dangerous team! Go Dawgs!

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