Sunday, November 04, 2012


Moments after LSU's four point loss in the last minute to No. 1 Alabama, the Tigers' defensive leader told reporters the tale of the tape.
 “We let this get away,” LSU defensive end Sam Montgomery said. “We had tons of opportunities to maximize in the game. But we couldn’t put them away. Sometimes, it’s not the best team, but it’s the most disciplined team. It’s tough. It was slow death.”
 At least it seemed that way for Bama, which had mustered barely a pulse in the second half, until the unflappable AJ McCarron took the Crimson Tide 72 yards and lofted a screen pass that went for a 28-yard touchdown pass with 51 seconds left. The Tigers had blitzed on the play, sending the crowd of Tiger Stadium-record crowd of 93,374 into a hush.

LSU's much criticized quarterback finally played like LSU's coaches thought he could, finishing with nearly 300 yards and showing a dazzling display of nice throws. “The receivers and the rest of the offense have known what we were fully capable of all year,” Zach Mettenberger said.
 “We were finally clicking tonight. But as well as I played, I would trade 150 yards and three interceptions if we had won. It hurts; it definitely hurts.

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