Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Why Cam Cameron will be LSU's next coach (And Les will go to U-M)

Seems there's 6 degrees of separation in the coaching universe that is LSU.
Les Miles is being brought up as the next University of Michigan coach following Lloyd Carr's debacle against Appalachian State last weekend.
See it all starts with Les Miles. He was an assistant at Michigan in 1987, where he met his wife, Kathy. She was an assistant coach for the women's basketball team. They were just friends for more than a year but started dating about a year into the relationship. When they finally scheduled a date, Kathy arrived late. Ole "Lover" Les thought she was standing him up so there relationship kind of cooled. But that's when a colleague, fellow Michigan assistant coach Cam Cameron, jumped in and got the two back together by drawing up a plan of "X's and O's". Cameron and Miles shared an office back then and he was privy to the two's relationship details.
Nearly five years later in 1993 Les and Kathy got married. Cameron was, quite naturally, in the wedding. Also in the wedding as a groomsman was a guy named Gerry DiNardo. DiNardo, who would coach at LSU a few years later, only to be replaced by Sata — I mean, Saban, Nick Saban, met his wife through Les Miles while both were assistants in the 1980s at Colorado. A bitter blow for DiNardo would turn into a certain relief when Les MIles would replace Nick Saban as coach at LSU. Saban would jaunt to the Miami Dolphins. Cameron would then replace Saban at Miami. Got all that?
To add more to the mix, Cam Cameron, before heading to Miami, would land in San Diego as quarterback coach and oversee the rise of a star quarterback in Drew Brees. After Brees injures his arm at the end of the 2005 season he is brought into Miami for workouts — by coach Nick Saban, who doesn't trust his shoulder. We all know how this turns out.
Now, Les Miles will return to Michigan at season's end (with Lloyd Carr as A.D.), Cam Cameron will join LSU and Jerry DiNardo will end up with the Miami job. Got all that (whew!)?

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