Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Tigers lick chops awaiting Virginia Tech

Mississippi State quarterback Michael Henig got a special text message after Thursday's whipping by LSU. Henig threw six interceptions and is having the school faithful wonder aloud if he should be the starter. One text he got was from one Archie Manning. It read: "From me, Peyton and Eli, keep your head up."

Before Saturday's game, LSU's band will play Virginia Tech's alma mater after three skydivers land on the field, one bearing a Virginia Tech school flag, one with an LSU flag and the third with a U.S. flag.

After the parachutists arrive, with the band on the field, there will be a moment of silence before the alma mater. After that, a hellacious, old-fashioned pig-whoopin'.

Virginia Tech gained 33 yards on 31 attempts against East Carolina in the season opener. Beamer says he won't change a thing.
"I don't think shuffling right now is the answer; I think getting better is the answer," Beamer said about his O-line. "We've got a pattern and we just need to get better with who we've got. I think we'll go the same way we went last week."

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