Wednesday, September 19, 2007

LSU's Miles disses South Carolina players?

Not unlike our nation's president, LSU coach Les Miles stumbles, bumbles and fumbles when he opens his mouth. This week, he pissed off some South Carolina players Monday by stumbling over their names during a news conference.
Gamecocks fifth-year senior Cory Boyd was the poster boy of Miles' lip slips. While complimenting him and the team's running game, no less, Miles called the back "Cory Byrd." That mistake, and others, have not become lost on the Gamecock players as they prepare for Saturday's game against the second-ranked Tigers in Baton Rouge. Boyd and junior Mike Davis are Gamecock running backs, and they're averaging 169 rushing yards a game.
"That's something our strength coaches spoke to us about today in the weight room," Boyd said. "They said the guys don't even know us over there. They act like we're nobodies.
"They're looking over us. I like it. You don't have to know my name."
Miles stuttered through receiver Kenny McKinley's name. He called All-SEC linebacker Jasper Brinkley "No. 52." He didn't attempt all-conference kicker Ryan Succop's name, either.

The Gamecocks noticed. "Hopefully, at the end of the game, you'll understand who Cory Boyd is," Boyd said. "You'll understand who Kenny McKinley is. You'll understand who Jasper Brinkley is.

"And you'll understand these Gamecocks that we have over here, that we're a serious team and we're not a team that you can overlook."

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