Sunday, September 30, 2007

LSU pops Tulane, but flaws exposed

Time to put it out there: Matt Flynn has been shaky. He's not played bad this year, but he just hasn't played great. Not against Virginia Tech, not against South Carolina, and not against Tulane. He got sacked 6 six times against Tulane this past weekend. SIX! Let me make this clear: LSU’s offense is not potent (40 points a game?). It just gets alot of possessions. A great defense will do that for you.
Ryan Perriloux will get significant P.T. against Florida. Write it down. Tulane exposed some major flaws the Tigers have, none as big as protection for Flynn.
In the first half, Tulane gave them all they could handle, trailing 10-9.
"We saw the offense put their heads down," LSU defensive end Kirston Pittman said. "But we went over and told them, ’Pick y’all’s heads up. It’s going to be a long game. They have to play for 60 minutes. We just have to overcome a little adversity.’"
Jacob Hester’s second touchdown of the game and Charles Scott’s pair of scoring runs helped LSU (5-0) amass 24 unanswered second-half points in a 34-9 victory Saturday.
"It was a mental thing today," Scott said. "We were not focused at all in the first half. And we can’t come out and do that with anybody, especially not Florida."
The defending national champion Gators had their own problems with Auburn
Saturday night, losing 23-20 in the final seconds. But the Gators come to Baton Rouge next weekend in a must-win for them if they still have national title hopes.
"It’s obviously not what we wanted, but I think it could be good for this team to come out here and get a little bit of a wake-up call," Flynn said. "This team stepped up."

“Guys were thinking a little ahead,” LSU receiver Brandon LaFell said, “trying to dress all fancy because we got new uniforms, and their minds weren’t in the game in the first quarter.”
LaFell said Tulane players were jumping up and down, calling LSU overrated as the teams headed to their locker rooms at halftime in the Superdome.
“That’s why we came out so hard in the second half,” LaFell said.
Still recovering from an ankle sprain, Flynn was inconsistent in the face of constant pressure and was intercepted once. Yet he shook off six sacks to throw for 258 yards.
Tulane, which has lost 16 straight to LSU since its last victory in the series in 1982, played with emotion and made it a better game than anticipated.
“Thank goodness the defense played well the entire game,” coach Les Miles said, “except for a few spots late in the first half and maybe a little in the second half, but if they hadn’t played well it could have been a long night.”

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