Monday, September 17, 2007


Saints got serious problems
Tampa Bay made New Orleans look like etoufee Sunday, shredding the defense in beating them 31-14. Drew Brees and coach Sean Payton no longer look like they're on the same page, and the Cover 2 continues to befuddle Brees. "There are a lot of issues," said the Pro Bowl quarterback. "Mentally, it's how you approach the game when you step on the field. That's huge."Expectation levels are high — that could be part of the problem. We know how good this offense can be. We thought we had it figured out. We didn't." The defense is nothing special, giving up over 30 points for the second week in a row. Help!

Chad Johnson is a beast. And it's only been two games played, but he'll obliterate any and all receiving yardage records if he keeps up this pass. He was a gangsta out there again Sunday, hauling in 209 yards on a Cleveland team that gave just as it got, and then some.

Brian Bilichick may not have gotten a pass from the media, or Roger Goodell for his spying fiasco last week, but that's okay. Tom Brady's got a helluva pass. And Randy Moss has a pretty good catch, too. New England kicked San Diego, 38-14.

Steve "The Magician" Smith is back to his old ways. He's been a Fantasy Footballer's dream since he entered the starting lineup, and Sunday was no different: 3 TDs as his Panthers fell to Matt Schuab and the HOuston Texans 34-21.

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