Monday, September 17, 2007

Is LSU more banged up than it's letting on? (Gamecocks await)

As the college football world comes to grips with the balance of power, LSU's fearsome squad may be more banged up than they're letting on: wideout Early Doucet didnt' play against Middle Tennessee and he may not play Saturday against South Carolina. LSU coach Les Miles called his injury "pretty significant." Word on campus is that he evidently suffered a groin injury against Virginia Tech. Quarterback Matt Flynn also didn't play last week because of the ankle injury suffered against Virginia Tech. He is expected to start against South Carolina, though. If Flynn couldn't go they would have to turn the reins over to second-string quarterback Ryan Perriloux, who threw three touchdown passes last week. At this point, he's got more yards and TD passes (6 to 2) than Flynn and probably would give the Gamecocks more problems, limited only in the number of plays he knows how to run. In any event, if LSU is more roughed up than it is admitting then, Virginia Tech really took a larger toll out of them than the nation thought. The win was not as easy and more costly. In any event, Miles has admitted to local media that he is not playing straight when it comes to reporting his team's injuries."If it comes out of my mouth, you use it," he said. "If it doesn't [and] if you root for your team - if in fact this is your team - then you would choose not to report anything not described by me.
"Everything is news, but sometimes news doesn't help your team. I would encourage [the media] to see it my way."
Somebody who won't see it his way is South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier
Spurrier has been coy about his team's chances against LSU, preferring to talk about their SEC East foes instead.
Olde Ball Coach might be still mad LSU didn't hire him when it had the chance to in 1986.

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