Sunday, November 11, 2007

LSU Runs Away With No. 1 Ranking (again), Big 12 Making BCS Noise

SU got good news Saturday before they pummeled Louisiana Tech 58-10 at Tiger Stadium. No. 1 Ohio State's shocking 28-21 loss to Illinois earlier meant the Tigers (9-1) would be playing for the top rankings in both polls.
LSU owned the No. 1 spot in the rankings earlier this season before dropping a 43-37 triple-overtime decision at Kentucky on October 13.
More good news happened for the Tigers when they found out they clinched the SEC West after losses by Alabama and Auburn earlier in the day.
"I am told we're going to be the western representative in the SEC Title game," LSU coach Les Miles said. "I enjoy that. That's an accomplishment to this team and something we should certainly be grateful for as well as a job well done. We'll enjoy that for a moment and then look forward to playing our remaining two regular-season opponents."
But the big news of this football season is the noise the Big 12 is making in the BCS.
The Big 12, a conference that wasn't really supposed to return to the national stage until next season, had three teams in the top six. Oklahoma wis sandwiched between No. 3 Kansas and No. 5 Missouri.
For much of this decade, with the dropoffs at Nebraska and Kansas State, the North had been viewed nationally more as an anchor than an asset.
The Big 12's traditional powers, Texas and Oklahoma, are solid this year. So are Texas Tech, Texas A&M and Oklahoma State. But the elite?
Kansas and Missouri.
Not only are the Jayhawks the elite of the Big 12, but they are BCS elite.
"It says that's it's a pretty strong conference, no question," Oklahoma coach Bob Stoops said. "The BCS is showing it right now, and that's proof of it right there."
So, the strongest football conference may not be in the Southeast after all, but in the Midwest.
They way the cards are falling, I'll go on record right now and say a Kansas-LSU BCS game is looming.

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