Tuesday, November 20, 2007

As Speculation Swirls, Less Smiles at LSU

An emotional Les Miles said Monday, “I want to stay just where I’m at,” but he did not say definitively he will return as LSU football coach next season. And that's okay, being as how he says mad love for Michigan.
Oddly enough, the biggest decision in Les Mile's life comes down, not to what the other school offers, or even what LSU offers, no, it ironically comes down to Nick Saban.
See, Miles has heard the full gamut of emotions from LSU faithful for 3 plus years now, on why Saban is a dirty lowlife. He built his program and cred on the premise that he was not Nick Saban, that he was not that kind of coach, nor that kind of man. So, it's stomach-twistingly mad that he would find himself, in just 3 years, thrust in the same position as Saban was after 5 years.
Should he stay, or should he go?
“I love this place,” Miles said. “It’s a place that I’m very comfortable. My family’s very comfortable. It’s not to suppose that Michigan will call; they’ve not called. It’s unfair to Michigan to say that they should.
But Miles knows what's at stake.
“It’s unfair to me and my team, and so I promise you this: What I’m doing is what you should do — let it rest."
Miles, in his third season in Baton Rouge, said his focus is on LSU’s game Friday against Arkansas and the Dec. 1 SEC Championship Game.
“I’m playing football for LSU,” Miles said. “I’m preparing for Arkansas. I’m preparing for the next game and the next game after that.”
The Tigers (10-1) are ranked No. 1 in the major national polls and in the BCS standings. They are all but guaranteed a spot in the BCS national championship game Jan. 7 if they win their next two games.
“I love this team,” he said, pausing to clear his throat as his eyes welled up, “and I’ll not do anything to hurt it.”

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