Monday, November 19, 2007

What Happened To Kentucky?

They boasted a Heisman-hyped quarterback in Andre Woodson, a dues-paying coach in Rich Brooks and alot of feel good.
The way their blue jerseys electrified the field was a cool contrast to every other team they played. They looked good on TV.
They even teased the Bluegrass fan base with a 46-points-a-game average and thoughts of running away with the SEC East.
In September they were a perfect 5-0 and nationally ranked in the top 10.
Then it happened.
The worse thing that could happen to them, happened to them.
They beat the No. 1 team in the nation.
Game over.
Is it me, or has KU just not been the same team since that fateful October 13th?
They've won all of 1 game since then (against Vandy and they had 13 penalties) and lost 3.
What happened?
If they would have lost to LSU in triple or quadruple overtime maybe they would have saw their flaws a little earlier and fixed them against Florida or Georgia.
As it stands, the LSU win, while it was a great win, became the beginning of a subtle-but-all-too-familiar slide to mediocrity. And what stands out the most? They're so good! Kentucky, if it didn't make the mistakes, could play with anybody in the SEC (the LSU game proves that). The Florida game could have turned out different with just a few plays going the other way.
But as it stands, KU is left to play the role of spoiler to Tennessee, who only beat the teams they were supposed to beat, and lost to the ones they were supposed to lose to.

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