Sunday, November 11, 2007

Spurrier Inconsolable After Gamecocks lose to Gators

Maybe he should have made his team celebrate for like, 20 minutes after their first touchdown.
On a wild weekend in the SEC, South Carolina Coach Steve Spurrier could no longer put on a happy face Saturday night.
Ole Ball Coach sounded detached and demure after his team lost to Florida 51-31 before 81,000 Gamecocks fans. It was the fourth straight loss for South Carolina, marking only the second time in Spurrier's coaching career that he has lost four consecutive games. As much success as he's had coaching college football, safe to say he soundly appreciates having to serve up quality football at a C-list athletic program. As glanced across the field he could only wish he had access to the rich stables of Florida high school talent he left behind for meaner pastures in the NFL.
Now, Spurrier, do you feel our pain now?
Still, he tried his best to squeeze out, to rinse, wringle, strain any ounce of goodness from this game, but he just couldn't.
"We moved the ball somewhat in the second half ... but to no avail," said South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier. "We were getting shoved around at the line of scrimmage. The guys are trying, but we're just not that good. The other team toyed with us. We'll see if we can play better. If we can't, we'll need to get in the weight room and see if we can't stop getting pushed around."
Spurrier has been getting less and less optimistic about his team since the start of the season where he stated that the Gamecocks could finally "compete" in the SEC East.
South Carolina's Blake Mitchell completed 26-of-42 passes for 316 yards, but had a pair of costly turnovers that ultimately led to the fourth consecutive loss for the Gamecocks (6-5, 3-5). Gamecocks tailback Cory Boyd scored three times on the ground and Kenny McKinley caught seven passes for 95 yards.
On the other side of the ball, "Superman" Tim Tebow rushed for a career-high and SEC-record five touchdowns and threw for two more.
After the contest, Spurrier was impressed with his old team.
"If we played them 10 times they'd probably beat us 10 times. We got problems stopping a lot of stuff. We got our butts kicked."
Spurrier's defense gave up 537 total yards to Florida. Last week South Carolina allowed 541 yards rushing in a loss to Arkansas. Can they beat anybody?
"It's going to be hard to beat anybody when you can't stop people and get them off the field," Spurrier said. "We basically just got pushed around and got our butts beat. That's just where we are, men. We're just not very good right now."
Don't worry Ole Ball Coach, it wasn't a bird, or a plane, that did you in. It was Superman.

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