Sunday, November 18, 2007

In Leaving U-M, Carr Gets One Last Jab At Les Miles

Michigan coach Lloyd Carr is trying to mess with Les.
The two don't like each other, and Carr is intentionally trying to distract Les Miles from a potential championship season.
How else to explain a retirement announcement ONE WEEK before the season's end (so what, you lost again to OSU, YOU ALWAYS LOSE against them)? Why do it when your team can still finish the season on a positive note?
Why? Because his nemesis Les Miles is the frontrunner to take his job. It's a tough spot for both coaches, but Carr could carry himself alot better than he's doing it. I'm not saying he's not a decent man: It's true that he reworked his contract last year to arrange for an escape clause this year, and it's true he got all his assistants 2-year-deals. But he is deliberately trying to get in Les Miles' head in the middle of a No. 1 ranking and chance to win it all at LSU.
In the end, Carr wanted to beat at least one nemesis, one villain, being that the Ohio State Buckeyes were having none of it. But, that's alright. Les Miles will hold it together, he's not the greastest Xs and Os coach, but he can hold a group together, I'll say that.

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Anonymous said...

While I don't completely disagree with your hypothesis, you have completely failed to take into account college recruiting. With national signing day less than a month away, there is a period when no coaches can contact recruits. The last thing you want up in the air is coaching. Michigan does not want to scare away recruits. The real question is whether Les Miles will leave LSU for Michigan.

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