Thursday, November 22, 2007

Miles Takes Swipe At Razorbacks?

Les Miles, earlier this week, got cussed out by a caller on his show for erroneously pronouncing the name of tomorrow's opponents. Instead of saying “Arkansaw” he said “Ar-Kansas” — in which the last two syllables are pronounced like the No. 2 team in the nation, Kansas.
Miles, who was surrounded by a larger crowd than usual due to the March On Baton Rouge that dozens of fans took part in to show him support, calmly admitted he’d been mistaken earlier and pronounced the Razorbacks state by its proper name and acknowledged the caller's concerns.
“I certainly understand that in that criticism,” Miles said.
But was he being callous? Was he trying to throw salt in the wound, as they say? Miles has been known to badmouth an opponent before GameDay so you never know with this guy. On the other hand it could have been an honest mistake.
Miles coached seven seasons at Oklahoma State, which is located one county away from the Arkansas River. That major tributary of the Mississippi River is, in Kansas and parts of Oklahoma, pronounced “Ar-Kansas,” the same as in Arkansas City, Kansas.
In any event, the Razorbacks and Darren McFadden have probably already heard of the slip and coach Houston Nutt probably has posted the comments up in their locker room.
"I think they're mad," Miles said when asked about the Razorbacks.
"I think they want to play better. We'll have to play a lot better to stop Arkansas. Certainly with Felix Jones and Darren McFadden, that's two very talented men with the ball in their hands. It's something that we'll concern ourselves with I promise you."
And they should be. Coaches around the SEC know about No. 25 and No. 5.
"They are about as good a combination at running back that I can ever remember in college football," said Alabama coach Nick Saban, whose defense allowed 291 yards to the pair in a 41-38 win.
Way to go, Les. You just luuuuv doing it the hard way.

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