Monday, May 07, 2007

Russell's first week on the job

ALAMEDA, Calif. -- JaMarcus Russell had a few nerves at his first practice as a Raider last week. Then that moment came. You know, the moment when you know he's going to be a beast in the NFL. Number 18, a receiver with fleet feet, took off across the middle, but had a man all over him.
Russ dropped back and rifled a pass through tight coverage that hit fellow rookie Johnathan Holland between the 1 and the 8 on his jersey.
Af the Oakland Raiders' first practice, even the veteran players were impressed.
"I think that kid, 18, is in there getting a rubdown," defensive tackle Warren Sapp said. "[He] caught that square-in, I bet he's got some markings on his chest. If nothing else, we're going to learn to catch with our hands or somebody's going to the hospital for some trauma. That kid's got a live arm so let's have some fun with it."

All was not perfect for the No. 1 pick though. Russ managed to fumble two snaps from center, overthrew Jerry Porter on a deep route and plain jacked up some short throws. Still, come September, we'll all "Raise One for the Na-tion."

Teammate Sapp slims ... fast
Russell starts at bottom

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