Wednesday, May 23, 2007

LSU to PETA: Rickety-ROOWWLLL!!!

Animal rights activists are urging LSU not to replace Mike V, the university’s late Bengal tiger, with a live animal.
True to Louisiana character, LSU has told the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals to stuff it.
Afte the Fighting Tigers lost the bengal mascot Mike V, PETA has been urging LSU to use a human mascot — not a live tiger — like the university has done for more than half a century.
LSU officials say they'll have none of it.
“The live tiger mascot has been part of the LSU family and community for 71 years, and we will be getting a Mike VI,” said Ginger Guttner, spokeswoman for the LSU School of Veterinary Medicine, which is leading the process.
Not only will they actively look for a new tiger, but they want to have it in place before football season, where the Tigers will face the perenially bragadocious Auburn Tigers at home as well as Florida Gators.
But PETA aint giving up, they say the university's 15,000-square foot santuary won't cut it.
“It doesn’t come close to providing a tiger with the space that they need and doesn’t allow them to exhibit any natural behavior,” Wathne said. “There are many, many traditions that have gone by the wayside and this should be one of them.”
But if Tennessee, Alabama, Florida and Auburn can't bully LSU, then don't expect PETA to either.
“LSU stands behind its treatment of its tigers,” O’Keefe said.
Not to be outdone, PETA officials say the captive tiger is akin to imprisoning a human.
“Very few of us will choose to live in prison with the hope of extending life,” the PETA official said.
But yet, PETA wants LSU to have a human mascot and put him in the cage instead?! Hmmmm. I don't get it.

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