Friday, May 18, 2007

'You know I wouldn't trip'

"It's Friday!

In commemoration of this beautiful day, I thought I'd have some fun and give you the funniest scene from the funniest movie of the last 15 years. "Friday."

(Pooh steps to neighborhood bully, Deebo)
POOH: Can I talk to you for a second?

SMOKEY: Ohh, s--t.

POOH: Pop's tripping, man.

He want me to ask
for my bike back.

You know I wouldn't trip.

DEEBO: What bike?

POOH: The Beach Cruiser...
the one I let you use,

the one I been asking you about.

DEEBO: Oh, that bike.

I didn't know
you wanted it back, homie.

It's right here.
Follow me, homes.

POOH: Yeah, it's just like
it's both of ours.

We just keep it
down at my house.


(Deebo riles back and knocks the s--t out of Pooh.)
Aw, s--t!

(Kids cackle)

DEEBO: That's my bike, punk!

(Smokey runs over to Pooh, leans down and says ...)
You got knocked the f--k out!

(Pooh's father hurriedly gets out of the car.)
DEEBO: You want some of this,
too, old man? Huh?

(Pooh's father runs up to Deebo, then thinks better of it.)

Get off your ass
and get in this car.

Boy, I don't know
why you come here

messing with these people.

Hurry up!

Read the entire "Friday" script right here.

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