Thursday, May 24, 2007

Master P blasts back at 50 Cent

Well, it seems 50 Cent bombed first:
The New York artist was asked by reporters about toning down rap lyrics in the wake of the Don Imus controversy.
When Master P, who is among those who have agreed to drop the vulgarity, was used as an example, 50 laughed, saying: “Well Master P doesn’t sell CDs anymore.” “You can tell him I said it. Cameras is rollin’ right?...Curtis, June 26.”
Well, somewhere in the southern Louisiana, off Interstate 10, you could hear a soft rumbling, "Uuuuuughhhhh," from the P man himself.
Roused from his hip-hop hibernation, "Ghetto Bill" wrote an open letter to "half-dolla":
Master P’s open letter:

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