Friday, May 18, 2007

A few of Louisiana-born StarBlacks!

Anthony Mackie from the famed Mackie clan of New Orleans, has made a name of himself in acting. After attending the New Orleans Center for Creative Arts, he hopped to Jilliard in New York, the Bayou boy took bit parts in theater before making it to the big screen in such slept-on gems as "She Hate Me" and "8 Mile." Look for him in 2008 in the feature length film, Jesse Owens.

The lovely Lynn Whitfield, Last Page she of an affluent Baton Rouge family, has been giving that seductive glare and pointy-chin with smile. After early work in theater she made her big screen debut in "Doctor Detroit," and would find mainstream success when she beat out 500 other actresses in the casting lead for "The Josephine Baker Story." She would later return to her roots in "Eve's Bayou," where she plays a controlling wife and mother, which is what she also what she plays in Tyler Perry's "Madea's Family Reunion" . In a career that spans 30 years, she is definitely repping the Bayou right!

Winton Marsalis, the second born of the musical Marsalis brood in New Orleans, is the definitive jazzman of modern music. He, and he alone, has trumpeted — literally and figurately — a return to the traditional jazz sound while casting aside "new cats" that would tarnish the pure stuff with "fusion," and, lord forbid, hip-hop. Marsalis has lived in New York for most of the past 2 decades but has never stopped returning to his stomping grounds in the Crescent City, the birthplace of Jazz. Here's to you, Winton: Play dat thang, boi!

Homegirl Claudia Hayden is definitely doing her thing. Hailing from Baton Rouge, she is one of the bright creative stars in none other than the Big Apple. Daughter of the late, great artist and world renown sculptor Frank Hayden, Claudia has fed off her heritage to compose music scores, abstract art and many other artistic endeavors.

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