Sunday, October 07, 2007

SUPERMAN IS DEAD 2: Gators lose, but, whew! Tebow is handful

Make no mistake about it: Tim Tebow is the best quarterback in college football. Oh, he won't get the Heisman, he won't get the ridiculous stats that quarterbacks from East Okie-Dokie or wherever get, not in the SEC. The competition is just too tough, but there's no one in college football that has all the ingredients at once: athleticism, the arm strength, the quickness, and the will, the WANT, to run you over! He gave my LSU Tigers all they could handle last night (salute, salute) all the way up til he ran for 20 yards and managed to get out of bounds with 5 seconds in the game. Sure enough, the pressure from the D-line finally got to him in the fourth quarter, sending he and the Gators 3-and-out before LSU's game-winning drive, but for 3.25 quarters Superman Was Real. The point of the matter is that, Florida's Superman is not surrounded with any Superfriends; Percy Harvin is more like Robin, than Batman, but that's still not enough. Tebow has nothing to be ashamed of (158 yards passing), or to put his head down about, dude played his heart out. He shredded LSU's defense like no other. We were giving up 39 yards a game on the ground, and Florida had 127 in the first half! As long as Tebow is there, I honestly know and trust that for the next 2 years the SEC championship will run through Gainesville. I really do believe that, just not this year.

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