Thursday, October 25, 2007

Can Satan Go All The Way With Parker?

Nick Satan is satified with his quarterback now, with his having an out-of-his-body game and all (363 yards against the Volunteers and almost 70% completion rate). But just a few weeks ago, the Alabama media were onto John Parker Wilson like a mouse on a Velveeta slice. Parker's low point came against Georgia when he completed only 48% of his passes. In close wins against Houston and Mississippi, he was just okay, completing about 52 and 55% of his throws respectively. He'll have to play like he did against Tennessee to have a chance. D.J. Hall has always been reliable but hasn't gotten the ball on third down nearly enough to stop the haters. But, the question remains, can Ole St. Nick win the SEC West with Parker? Can they win the SEC? Satan has always had a long leash with quarterbacks. He withstood it when sophomore Marcus Randall basically threw games away for the Tigers back in 2003 (he was recruiting a manchild by the name of JaMarcus Russell in Mobile by then, too, though). But with 'Bama's penchant to stick with Wilson it'll be interesting when he takes a few shots from Craig Steltz and the gang come Nov. 3.

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