Thursday, October 04, 2007

LSU has killed quarterbacks (Can 'Superman' Tebow Survived?)

Florida sophomore quarterback Tim Tebow has gone for more than 100 yards on the ground only once this season(166 yards against Ole Miss).
LSU's defense is giving up 39 yards a game.
Something's gotta give.
It may be Tebow.
In LSU's first 5 games no quarterback - NO QUARTERBACK - that has started the game, has finished the game. All of them have been knocked out, or rendered so ineffective, they were pulled.
The tale of the tape doesn't lie for the No.1-ranked defense:
Mississippi State: Michael Henig was picked off 6 times and finally knocked out of the game.
Virginia Tech: Sean Glennon had less than 20 yards in the game and replaced by Tyrod Taylor, who's kept the starting job.
Middle Tenn. State:
South Carolina: Chris Smelley got yanked kinda early after being neutralized.
Tulane: Anthony Scelfo threw the ball more than he ever did; he was replaced by Kevin Moore who was worse than Scelfo.
Will Tebow be pulled? Not likely, but he might get knocked out, especially if he runs the ball 20 times like he'll need to.
In five games Tebow has carried the ball 99 times, waaay more than any other Gator. Outside of the conference this season he's averaging above 5 yards a carry. In conference games that drops to about 3.9 yards a carry. Against LSU, it will be about 2.5 yards a carry.

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