Thursday, October 04, 2007

Against Florida, Dorsey will have huge game

Expect a big game for Glenn Dorsey.
The 6-foot-2, 303-pound defensive tackle for the No.-1 LSU Tigers knows the Florida game was the One That Got Away last year. He expects double-teams, but he doesn't expect to be stopped.
"It's not really a big deal to me," Dorsey said last week. "OK, so maybe I can't make as many plays [being double-teamed], but I'm still going to work my technique and I'm still going to make my play. I don't care if I'm getting double-teamed or not."
The Florida Gators have seen the tape.
"He's just a physical guy," Florida center Drew Miller said. "It seems like he attacks an offensive lineman and tries to drive them back and make a play. He's very big and athletic, and we'll have to try to do some things this week to stop him."
But why will this be a big game for Dorsey?
Two words: Gator injuries.
The Gators, who already have lost offensive tackle Phil Trautwein (foot) for the season, will try to contain Dorsey with starting guard Maurkice Pouncey (ankle) and backup Maurice Hurt (neck) recovering from injuries.
The athletic Dorsey will be seen jumping over blockers, bull-rushing them and collaring the others. Watch.
SEC coaches have seen it before.
Auburn coach Tommy Tuberville experienced the emergence of Dorsey first hand.
"The Auburn-LSU game last year, that was the first game where everybody realized how dominant Glenn Dorsey was as a player," Tuberville said. "We did everything possible to block him with one, two, offensive linemen, a tight end at times, a running back."
Tuberville grew to respect Dorsey during that altercation so much he now compares him to one of the NFL's best.
"He's just a great player in a long line of good defensive tackles I've seen come out over the years," Tuberville said. "He kind of reminded me a lot about Warren Sapp, the kid I coached at the University of Miami. He plays low to the ground. He's quick off the line of scrimmage, always going north and south.
"He'll be one of the better players in the country. He'll be up for a lot of awards. I'm sure he's not really worried about that. He's worried about playing as a team. He's a guy that everybody's going to have to deal with this year going into when you play LSU. He's the first guy, when you turn on the film, you'll notice him."
Florida will feel him this weekend.

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