Thursday, October 04, 2007

5 ways LSU can stop Tebow (Listening, Les Miles?)

1. Line up monster defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey on the long side of the field: Whatever side Tim Tebow sees the most room he'll think he can run to that side, especially in the second half when he's ran the ball 15 times and is getting winded. Dorsey will have a huge game. Feed him.

2. PLAY ZONE: Tebow is still a rookie in the SEC. Last year he was a running back, this year he's a passer. He'll throw it long and expect Percy Harvin to beat his man, but Craig Steltz (Steltz meet Harvin, Harvin Steltz) can neutralize that ploy by backing up and never letting anyone get behind him. The zone should be sickening to Florida's offensive coordinator, who has stomach problems. Maybe this will help.

3. TAKE AWAY THE SHORT PASS: Tebow has thrown better than 70% in all his games except for one. You can't have a percentage like that
(well, this guy can) unless you do screens half the time, which Florida does. If LSU plays up on the line, Tebow will get desperate and make riskier throws, which could lead to interceptions.

4. BLITZ OFTEN: Nothing demoralizes a quarterback more than him having to get up off the ground after every play. Tebow already expects to take a pounding, but he doesn't expect to get hit on every play. Hit him on every play. I expect LSU to blitz on third down, but play zone on the early downs. The blitzes should come from the cornerbacks, even the safety ... and of course, Dorsey.

5. Take speedster Percy Harvin away: Tebow's biggest weapon so far has been the receiver Harvin. He's gotten behind every defense they'll played this year. Steltz meet Harvin, Harvin Steltz.


Teri said...

Nice Blog :)

jamie a. said...

we shall see....

1. tebow isn't going to run wide. let's not kid ourselves, he's a north south runner, he'll either run you over, or he won't. he ain't harvin.

2. as for harvin, he's not their only weapon. that's a common misconception.

3. you can't have it both cannot 'blitz often' 'play zone' and 'take away the short pass' simultaneously. yes, your 'd' is great, but even the best cannot do all these things.

if i were d coordinator against my gators, i'd play zone, and make florida work the field. your front 4 is sufficient to get pressure.

well, here's to a good game....i think you may be surprised.

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