Monday, October 29, 2007

LSU's quarterback 'beat up' in fight; Clean this up, Les. Pronto.

Nick Sab, uh, Satan obviously learned some voodoo during his brief stint in the bayou.
On the eve of the biggest game of the season for both teams, LSU backup quarterback Ryan Perrilloux was "beat up" in a bar fight near the LSU campus last night. Baton Rouge Police confirmPerrilloux and LSU linebacker Derrick Odom were involved, as well as All-American defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey. Perrilloux called his lawyer early Saturday and asked if he should sue; his lawyer said, no, just get outta there.
I've got three words for you, Les: CLEAN THIS UP!
Y'all going to Alabama and can't stay focused for one bye week? Com' on!
According to THIS REPORT, and THIS STORY, a witness inside the bar said that members of the football team were asked to take the stage and rap or something. That witness confirmed that Perrilloux and Odom were in the group.
The trouble allegedly started when bouncers at the Varsity started clearing everyone out, and that the football players refused to get off of the stage. The witness says that is when one of the players punched a bouncer and that is when upwards of forty players and bouncers started fighting.
We are told the fight spilled out into the parking lot behind the Chimes, that LSU defensive tackle Glenn Dorsey was there and that Dorsey did not throw a single punch. Instead, he tried to break up the fight and get his teammates to leave.
I've got four MORE words for you, Les: CLEAN THIS UP, NOW!
The Tiger nation is in the longest uninterrupted run of quality QBs we've had in a long time (Davey, Mauck, JaMarcus, Flynn, etc.); but our quarterback situation is more precarious than people realize, 'specially with the newfound revelation that Matt Flynn almost transferred last year. We're bone-thin at QB without that guy, even though Perrilloux thinks he's ready for primetime.
Ah, and Satan is sooo enjoying this.

Nick Satan is prolly in his fire-red satin one-piece (complete with devil horns hood) snickering with his remote control in one hand, and some Killians in the other. GEEZ. Can't we make it through the season without anymore trouble from Perrilloux? He's the starting quarterback for the future, (well, maybe this guy is)for crying out loud, can't he grow up?
Les? Clean this up, Les. Clean this up!

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