Monday, October 30, 2006


"The force out part of that is not reviewable. Whether he caught the ball inbounds or out is (reviewable), but there was clearly no body part that landed inbounds. There was nothing to review."
- Referee Mike Carey, about the controversial, amazing, fourth-down catch by New York Jets tight end Chris Baker in the end zone in the final minute of the Browns a 20-13 win over the Jets.

"That's why you throw a lot in the offseason, with nobody covering. You pretend it's Champ Bailey covering. You have to throw a perfect throw and run a perfect route."
-Colts quarterback Peyton Manning after carving up the stifling Denver Broncos defense, including Champ Bailey en route to a 34-31 victory. Manning was 32-for-39 for 345 yards passing and three touchdowns.

"Larry is All-Pro, and let's get serious, they've got two All-Pro linemen in front of him. Anytime you can't stop the run, it is going to be a long day for us."
-Seattle linebacker Lofa Tatupu, on Kansas City running back Larry Johnson, who ran for a bruising 39 times in a 35-28 KC win over the Seahawks.

"I wanted the fans to get my first touchdown. I don't care about the football. The memory will last forever. As soon as I knew it was me and him, I knew there was no way he was going to catch me."
-Raiders defensive back Chris Carr, on how during his game-breaking 100-yard interception return for a touchdown he wasn't going to let the Steelers quarterbackBen Roethlisberger catch him.

"I particularly like the play calls of the two interceptions for touchdowns."
- Ravens Coach Brian Billick, responding to how his team responded to him assuming the play-calling duties. The Ravens dismantled the Saints, 35-22 and instead of Reggie Bush breaking the ankles of Baltimore, it was Baltimore that pretty much broke the ankle of the rookie tail back. X-Rays were negative, but so were the stats. Nicca.

"Drew actually came up to me before the game (and) said he was rooting for me. Drew's a really, really class act. He's a very pleasant guy, and I wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for Drew."
- Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo said of the guy he replaced, Drew Bledsoe. Romo basically had a ball, throwing for 270 and a TD as Dallas stormed back from a 14-point deficit in a 25-point fourth quarter in a 35-14 win over the Carolina Panthers.

"You could've put a middle school team out there today. If you can't stop the run, it's hard to win like that because you can't get off the field, can't give the offense a chance."
- Arizona Cardinals linebacker Calvin Pace said after his team lost to the Green Bay Packers, 31-14.

"I haven't got a whole lot to say. Four interceptions, two returned for touchdowns, you can't overcome that."
- Steelers coach Bill Cowher, after starting Ben Roethlisberger one week after a concussion and losing to the Oakland Raiders 20-13.

"We had some key drops. It was hard to do anything with the football today other than hand it off. It's hard to play catch-up in weather like that. We had some chances but we didn't get it done."
- Bucs coach Jon Gruden after his team could get nothing going in a 17-3 loss against the N.Y. Giants. It was billed the "Barber Bowl" since it was probably the last time retiring Giants running back Tiki Barber would face his evil twin brother Ronde Barber on Tampa's defense.

"So many questions start to come when you don't have 100 yards. People start to wonder, are you getting old or have you lost a step? For me, it's all motivation.
If I lost a step and had a day like this today, I'd hate to see if I was a young man what I would have done today with the kind of holes I ran through."
- LaDainian Tomlinson, who romped for 3 touchdowns and a season-best 183 yards in a 38-24 victory over the hapless St. Louis Rams.

"I feel I just need the opportunity to throw the ball. Just give me the chance to do it. I've felt like all along, this is what I could do. They were kind of scared, not knowing what I was going to do," said Vick.
- Atlanta Falcons quarterback Michael Vick, who was 20-of-28 for 291 yards in a 29-27 win at Cincinatti. Vick's passer rating was140.6, the second-highest of his career.

"Right now, the offense is looking to find out where the next big play is coming from, instead of saying we're going to drive the ball down their throat. We're not going to get 40-yard passes every series. We have to go out and go three downs and get a first down. We haven't done that."
- Philadelphia Eagles running back Brian Westbrook, who rushed 13 times for 38 yards in a 13-3 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars.

"You say, 'How did we pull it off?' He made some key plays. The keys with his legs, the touchdown run is something that we want to see."
- Titans coach Jeff Fisher, talking about his rookie phenom quarterback Vince Young. Young ran for 44 yards and threw for 87 more in a 28-22 win over his hometown Houston Texans.

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