Monday, October 02, 2006


Questions for the youg NFL Season:

When will the Atlanta Falcons admit that they miss T.J. Duckett and can't cash it in in the red zone? They cruised past Arizona 32-10, but had 5 field goals.

Will Tom Brady ask for a trade following the season (rumor says he's no longer happy in New England)? Still Pats roll over Cincy, 38-13.

Kansas City shuts down the 49ers 41-0, and Herman Edwards saves his job ... for now.

Rams beat Lions, 41-34. (Somebody finally scored 40 points in Detroit, but it wasn't Detroit).

Any team that has Mike Tice (former Vikings coach) employed as a coordinator is going to get exposed sooner or later. Jags get slapped 36-30 by Redskins.

Who has the better defense: Chicago Bears (37-6 over Seahawks) or Baltimore Ravens (16-13 over San Diego)?

What did Aaron Brooks do to Daunte' Culpepper? Texans whip Dolphins 17-15.

Why does Dallas look SuperBowl bound (3 Pro Bowl receivers, an explosive Julius Jones, and 'The Bledsoe 2.0'? They romp 54-14 over Titans.

Who told Peerless Price that he could still score touchdowns? Dude finally got a TD after a 2-season drought.

How long before Art Shell gets canned? Raiders gave up an 18-point lead Sunday to ... Cleveland?! Raiders lost 24-21.

When will Peyton Manning admit that defenses have found out how to contain him? Colts squeaked by the Jets 31-28 in Sunday's best game.

HIGH SCHOOLS INFO: Okay, I don't usually mess with prep ball but in West Virginia, this dude Paul McCoy, a The 5-foot-9, 170-pound senior, rushed for a state record 658 yards and scored 10 touchdowns in a 64-0 win.
The national record is 619 yards by Ronney Jenkins of Oxnard, Calif., in 1995, according to the National Federation of State High School Associations.
There is some confusion though. A national high school records historian in West Virginia says the record is held by John Giannantonio of Netcong, N.J., in 1950. He rushed for 739 yards in a game. Aint that sick?
But this dude McCoy had 29 carries and touchdown runs of 69, 1, 53, 56, 52, 20, 31, 84, 87 and 25 yards. He also had a 77-yard TD run called back because of a penalty.

His touchdowns aren't a record though. Ken Pearson of Hugo, Colo., in 1930, scored 12 TDs in a game.

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