Sunday, October 01, 2006

Fantasy Football - or Fiction?

My brother's all into fantasy football. He talks with enthusiasm about people such as Tiki Barber, or Javon Walker. I'm sorry, I'm just into the real stuff. When I mention people like Steve Smith, or Donovan McNabb, these people have actually had good games in real, nonfictional situations. Most people into fantasy football always pull these obscure haven't-done-nothing-lately dudes out of the air. (If you say, well, Chad Morton average 28 yards last week in punt returns, they say 'Well Dante' Hall is the man at punt returns ...'. Please, Dante' Hall has been off the map for 2 years now. Let's deal in real-life sichy-A-tions, okay?
Reggie Bush will get 100 yards on the ground today.
Check this out.

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