Friday, October 13, 2006


BLEDSOE TO T.O.: 'STAY WIT A PLAYA': After the Cowboys demoralizing loss to the Eagles last week, Terrell Owens, who was fuming mad after the game, said his blowup was not directed to quarterback Drew McQueen Bledsoe , but the receiver's frustration with his lack of production.
" Even after the game, [Bledsoe] sent me a text that said, ' Stay with me, (he'll) play better' for me. You can only respect that," Owens said.
Bledsoe said he is trying to get on the same page with Owens, partly because of the missed practice time.
" I've never had a receiver, at least not one who is worth anything, that was happy with the number of times they touch the ball," Bledsoe said. "That's universal."

I'VE GOT TO SAY THAT LSU WAS OUTCOACHED AGAINST FLORIDA: Les Miles, and I half-way like the guy, but I don't know about his coaching a top 10 college program. He just refuses to be creative on offense and has no element of surprise at all. LSU had no answer for Tim Tebow (but I knew this last week!!!!) Still, they refused to adjust to the kid. I hate to put this out there (well, actually it's been out there for a while, but should be updated (It was originally started when he was at Oklahoma State.)


IS IT JAMARCUS' FAULT?: LSU coach Les Miles has defended quarterback JaMarcus Russell , who has played like dirt in the Tigers' two toughest games this season (Auburn & Florida) but looked good against the cupcakes.
Miles said of the three interceptions Russell threw in last week's 23-10 loss at Florida, none were the quarterback's fault.
One interception came in one-on-one coverage. The intended receiver was Brandon LaFell, who had a height advantage on the Florida defensive back.
"You certainly can't blame your quarterback ... on the throw to LaFell," Miles said. "There is no more secure one-on-one pass than an opportunity on the outside threshold of a play. You have a 6-foot-2 [receiver] going against a 5-foot-10 [defensive back]. It is a great jump ball with your guy having the great height. At the very worst it is an incomplete pass. LaFell leaves his feet way early, gives up the pick and gets injured."
Russell also isn't to blame for the second pick which was actually a pretty accurate throw to Dwayne Bowe, Miles said; Bowe seemed to catch the ball but it was hit by a Gators defender. The ball flew skyward due to the big hit.
"The one to Dwayne Bowe hits him in the belly and the [defender's] helmet hits Bowe in the belly. You can't blame your quarterback for that," Miles said.
Miles blamed the third interception on a breakdown in protection, forcing Russell to change his throwing motion on a pass to Bowe, who was open.
Miles, however, did not excuse Russell for a fumbled snap on the 1-yard line that cost LSU an almost certain touchdown.

FORMER SAINT IS POPPIN' OFF AT DA MOUF': Upon the Philadelphia Eagles' visit to New Orleans, the speedy former Saint Donte' Stallworth says it's a good thing he's coming back this weekend.
"I left three things in New Orleans," Stallworth said. "Actually, I should say I need to get three things in New Orleans. One of them is my winter coat, because it's getting cold here. I'm coming back to get some winter clothes. I'm coming back to get some Drago's. And I told (Saints cornerback) Mike McKenzie the other day I left about 400 or 500 yards in the Superdome when I was down there in New Orleans over my career, so I need to come get some of that."

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