Wednesday, November 29, 2006

All smiles in Dallas

All's well in Big D since new quarterback Antonio "Touchdown Tony" Romo threw 5 touchdown passes and didn't lay a turkey on Thanksgiving Day. The Cowboys are in the driver's seat in the NFC East now that the Giants have laid down and prostituted themselves. I was the first to say (in Week 2) that the Cowboys are going to be the best team in football (even tho I didn't think they shoulda benched Bledsoe) and now it's proved true. Romo has turned into a good quarterback, will he be Brady-good?
I doubt it seriously. Still, there's business to take care of in the NFC.
The Giants still will make the playoffs, and they might have the Cowboys to thank. The NFC rivals in the South — New Orleans and Atlanta — both must play the Cowboys and they both might lose. Since this is Louisiana Love, we'll show a little to our New Orleans product, Elisha Manning, even though under the word "choke" Webster's has his picture.
Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens seem to be vibing a bit closer than most receivers (T.O. calls him "a good dude.") They are the top tandem in the league when it comes to touchdowns (14). T.O. has a habit of humiliating defenders while Glenn just embarrasses them. And it was Glenn that big-upped T.O. when T.O. slammed one too many Flinstones down his throat.
But really though, although T.O. and T.G. are sick wid it, there relationship is ... unique. The Dallas Morning News reported this quote from T.O.: "We've talked to each other about things, and he's like, 'Just trust me,' " T.O. says of TG. "I'm like, 'Dude, you don't have to worry about me going outside my lines of trust.' That's how I am."
Dag, why don't they just go kiss somewhere? I mean seems like a line of "scrimmage" has been crossed somewhere. Seems like a "hash mark" has been passed, you know, like a "corner" has been turned in their relationship (he he). Hmmmm.
Speaking of offensive things, just when you thought all was well in Dallas Cowboy-related news, Michael Irvin proves to the world that he did more than just put his friend's crackpipe in his glove compartment last year. Dude — on national radio — said Romo had "some brother" in him. Yeah. Dude said Romo's people must've tip-toed to the slave quarters and go busy with a slave somewhere down the line. Needless to say, if he was another color, he'd be on the street. What do you think?

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