Monday, October 02, 2006

Louisiana ... Flavor

Okay, okay, you know that the most gangsta of the Flavor of Love girls had to be a Louisiana native, right? Why was "Chocolate," the one tossed off the show for fighting over a bed IN THE FIRST EPISODE of "Flavor of Love 2" from New Orleans? It's New Orleans love, but dag, girl. Actually, she says she was born in Lafayette.
I must confess when I see what Flav has accomplished, I feel "blessed like a mug" ... (remember when people use to finish they sentences with "like a mug"? No matter what it was, it was "like a mug" Example: "Man, I was frontin' like a mug at the party." Anyway, Never mind the fact that Flavor Flav could EASILY be in Hollywood if people would see what I see. Dude would have been the bomb as the Green Goblin in the Spiderman movies. Can you imagine? Every time he'd hop on that flying surfboard he could scream, "GREEEEN GOBLIIIIN!!" just like he does "FLAVOR FLAAAV!!"

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