Thursday, October 05, 2006


Anonomyous SEC phonecall:
Caller: Tebow.
LSU: Who bow?
If the LSU Tigers are concerned about the hottest college quarterback in the state of Florida, they aint saying publicly. But privately, the Tigers have got to be a little scared of the freshman phenom.
The Florida Gators have been licking their chops since last season's demoralizing loss to LSU at Tiger Stadium. They didn't mope around too long; they did something about it: They recruited a raging bull-of-a-quarterback Tim Tebow. Word out da Swamp is that whenever Tebow enters the game the Florida fans stand up and cheer their homeboy like crazy, and when he is sent to the bench, they boo the mess out of senior QB Chris Leak. Talk about ungrateful.
At Florida high school, Nease High, Tebow finished with 9,772 yards passing. In his final game last December, dude led his team to the state championship, throwing for 237 yards and 4 touchdowns, while rushing for 183 and 2 more touchdowns. Senior Chris Leak is the official starter but everybody knows down there in Gatorland, Tebow is the one they pay to see. The Tigers may have trouble with him; he's a big boy: 6-foot-3, 229 lbs. (Leak is 6 feet, 207 lbs). LSU quarterback JaMarcus Russell, at 6-foot-6, 260, is a giant specimen himself, but he can't run like Tebow. Tebow is a threat with the ball, but how much is Florida willing to play him? He's only completed 8 passes (12 attempts) for 116 yards this season, but he's rushed for 193 yards on 32 carries and 2 TDS. That's good for 6 yards a carry. If the No. 9 LSU (4-1) can beat the No. 5 Gators (5-0) the Tigers could inch into a BCS BOWL. If not, the Gators will be half-way to vaulting into the No. 2 spot if it can get by Auburn next week.

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