Thursday, October 01, 2009

LSU vs. Georgia: First Team to 33 Pts Wins

Well, well, well, the Georgia Bulldogs are supposedly licking their chops at the chance to topple a No. 4 seed at Sanford Stadium.
Do they really want some?
In all seriousness, this game will be the first contest between two SEC powerhouses, and it should be a good one.
LSU comes into the game unable to score while the Bulldogs enter it unable to stop anybody.
From UGA's perspective they've got to like their chances: If they score more than 32 points they will probably win.
The Tigers have yet to crack a game wide open offensively (the No. 4 team in the country has not scored more than 32 points in any of its four games) and haven't faced a defense nearly as fast and strong as Georgia's (UGA held its last oppenent to 17 points, of course the two before that combined for 78).
Quarterback Joe Cox is a helter-skelter signal caller if ever you've seen one: One minute he's a gunslinging, ably hefting the ball 50 yards down the field; the next he's Jarrett Lee all over again, lobbing an interception to an opposing linebacker.
Truth be told, both squads should have lost last week. Arizona State did everything but finish a splendidly gift-wrapped victory, while LSU literally came up inches to the good against Mississippi State.
This time, it'll go to however scores more than 32 points.


A Free Man said...

I don't know what's going to happen. You've got to admit that y'all are a soft #4, but we've been so all over the shop this year that there's no way of knowing what's going to happen. I think either LSU wins in a blowout or we win in a nail biter. Hopefully the latter.

Go Dawgs!

The Love Collective said...

Uuum, we can't blow out a candle, unfortunately. I actually think the nailbiter-win by UGA is mostly probable. Yeah, we're a soft No. 4, but so was Ole Miss. lol

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