Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Tiger Fans Calling Gator Players - AGAIN

If you needed any more omens that Saturday night's contest between No. 4 LSU and No. 1-ranked Florida was more than a football game, ask any number of Gator players. Evidently, LSU fans are literally calling some of them to spook them out before Saturday's game at Death Valley.
ESPN reports that even coach Urban Meyer has gotten texts, and that this is not new, but went on last year as well.
"They haven't been bad," said second-string quarterback John Brantley, who will likely start Superman himself, Tim Tebow, can't go due to his week-old concussion. ""[The calls are] just a little annoying," Brantley said.
But just a little annoyance is all the Tigers may need to pull off the upset.
I'm going with my Tigers-- and my gut -- on this one: LSU 21-Florida-17

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Dan said...

Superman Returns..... Tim Tebow and the Gators D whoop the overated #4 LSU Tigers 13-3 in the their own Valley of Death (a joke). You couldn't even score a touchdown in your own home. Read it and weep Bayou Boys... Florida's #1 for a reason,...we get it done anytime, anywhere.

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