Sunday, October 11, 2009

5 Reasons Why LSU Lost to Florida 13-3

There are probably more reasons, some ever so slight, subtle even. But here are 5 reasons why LSU is not 6-0 after going up against the No. 1-ranked Gators.

Jordan Jefferson is obviously afraid to throw when facing zone coverage. The Florida Gators have but to thank the Georgia Bulldogs, who befuddled Jefferson last week with zone blitzes and outright zones before being outran by his agile scrambling. Jefferson becomes shell-shocked, frozen almost, when facing opposing players spread out across the field. Florida went to it heavily in the second half, and it produced instant success as Jefferson was sacked on successive plays for the second straight week.

LSU seemed to have a case of nerves early, committing crucial penalties that methodically prodded the Gators down the field on their first possession. Both teams had the whistles working - combining for 15 penalties for over 100 yards -- but it was the Tigers that got the brunt of them. Offsides on Rahim Alem on several early plays? Crazy.

Superman? Well, he played like Clark Kent in Tiger Stadium, and that was just enough for the back-from-concussion superstar. Tebow had a very pedestrian 134 yards in the air (38 on the ground), but it's the third and shorts and get you when you play the Gators. Florida's array of weapons -- Jeffery Demps, Riley Cooper, Hernandez -- makes it difficult to focus just on the Caped One. Still, Tebow made his presence felt, at least two probable-sacks were miraculously eluded during the game, leading to Gator points.

Wildcat-quarterback Russell Shepard played nary a down Saturday, to the chagrin of Tiger fans everywhere. Why? He almost broke the Georgia game open with several wildcat runs, but against Florida he didn't even get the chance. It's not like Jefferson was in a zone or anything. As bad as LSU needed an offensive spark, Shep should have played. Period.

Maybe LSU defensive coordinator John Chavis just can't be Florida, even with purple in gold instead of popsicle orange. The man had a decent scheme, don't get me wrong, but with LSU's brawn I thought we needed a little more of a Chess match with Urban Meyer, not mano-a-mano. Maybe the Gators are just the one team Chavis can't master. Everybody has one.

Bottom line: LSU got whipped. We'll take it like men and try to win the rest of 'em. Florida fans, hope to see you in Atlanta.

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