Tuesday, September 29, 2009

5 Reasons Why LSU's Barely Beat Miss St. 30-26

Whew. Talk about nail-biters.
LSU's 30-26 win against Mississippi State last week probably looked worse on paper than it did in person.
I was there.
LSU had some key mistakes in the game, but somehow, someway it all still looks highly correctable. Here are 5 reasons why they barely beat Mississippi State.

It was raining cats and dogs before the game
Let it be known: The field conditions weren't an excuse for how LSU played; Mississippi State obviously played in the same conditions, but it was soggy and wet as marshland out there during the game. Why? Because there was somewhat of a torrential downpour before the game (as it's been all week throughout the South). The ball, although wiped off, wiped down and wiped clean continually, was still wet as a bar of soap. The Bulldogs mostly did handoffs and laterals, so they weren't as affected. LSU on the other hand had to curtail some things as a result. You saw the consequences. Again, not an excuse, but just a reason.

2. LSU's Running Game is So Last Year
Senior Charles Scott has seen bigger holes in donuts than he's seen in his offensive line this year. It's not just Scott either. Kieland Williams and track star Trindon Holliday won't be seeing daylight this year with the line not performing. So what's the matter you say? Nothing, except that the Tigers are missing the biggest baby ever born in the state of Louisiana, Herman Johnson.

3. Jordan Jefferson's Role has Changed When Jefferson won the starting signal caller role this spring he was basically going to be a game "manager" who picked his spots and basically watched the running game amass untold yardage and touchdowns. But now that the groundgame has been, well, grounded, Jefferson is actually being asked to, well, win games. That takes talent but it takes moreso leadership, something the sophomore hasn't acquired yet. Will he get it this year? Time will tell.

4. 3rd and Chavis Okay, you know i had to touch upon the defense. To be truthful, no way LSU is 4-0 without their defense, which won at least 2 games single-handedly. The rap on Chavis is that when he was at U-T he wouldn't adjust until way after halftime, sometime between the after-game showers and the drive home. And he seemed genuinely stumped when it came to the Florida games. Mississippi State runs a version of, you guessed it, Florida's offense. Chavis was genuinely stumped ... for a while, but evidently he settled down and adjusted (or did Chad Jones just ignore his assignments and single-handedly and instinctly react in the heat of the moment to win the game?) I'll take the former for 300, Alex.

5. Mississippi State is kinda good? Yeah, Miss. State is darn decent. They will beat a top 10 team this year, and I'm just glad it's not the Tigers ... this year. It's the SEC, baby, anything can happen. Give it time, and it will. Watch.

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A Free Man said...

Should be an interesting game this weekend! Y'all are, inexplicably, underdogs. I don't know why as we have looked significantly less than whelming all year long.

Looking forward to it!

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