Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Did LSU explode against Auburn, 31-10? No way

Saturday night's LSU-Auburn game brought the Tigernation to its feet -- those in purple rose in elation; those in orange and navy got up to leave.
LSU's 31-3,10 win,(okay, you know that last Auburn TD was bogus) was, to some, a long awaited eruption of offensive might, a groundswell of pent-up demand.
Going away, LSU scored 31 points.
They have yet to score more than 32 in a game this season.
What explosion?
Sure, Jordan Jefferson got loose. The super soph finally threw to his elite receivers. As a result Jefferson got most of the praise, accounting for over 310 yards (242 yards through the air on 21 of 31 passes and two touchdowns, no picks) deservedly so, but it was Russell Shepard that stole the spotlight. Shepard's 69-yard run ignited the crowd and left no doubts on who would win the game.
But honestly speaking, LSU's offense bogged down for short periods Saturday. If Auburn would have gotten any semblance of an offensive flow, then I think LSU would have been exposed as usual.
LSU needs to show consistency if they want to be considered an elite program this year. As a team though, they are coming together nicely.
Enough can't be said about LSU's defense. They are really starting to look scary, 2 weeks after holding Florida to 13 points.
Auburn only gained 193 yards total offense, and truthfully they had about 120 until their second-string quarterback (who should be starting, btw) came in and just started flinging it.
Auburn coach Gene Chizik reaffirmed his support for senior signal caller Chris Todd this week as the Tigers get set to play a stout Ole Miss team.
“Yeah, he’s the quarterback, but when it’s third-and-7 and he’s got five guys in his lap, that’s not [on] Chris Todd,” Chizik said.
So, is it on you, Chizik? Huh? Huh? Huh?
LSU has a cakewalk up next, but then prepares to face Alabama, No. 1 in some polls.
The question, then is can the Tigers run the table?

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