Wednesday, October 28, 2009

FLORIDA IS V.B. (Very Beatable)

Starting the season, we heard alot about how the Florida Gators were returning all their starters, and how they were only losing Percy Harvin, and how Superman would lead the way to another Hiesman and championship.
And, truth be told, the mighty undefeated Gators are still in the thick of things, meaning the BCS.
But something happened two weeks ago, that has sparked a belief that the Gators might not make it to Pasadena this year to defend their title.
After a defensive slugfest with LSU , a who-had-the-ball-last-wins battle royale with Arkansas , and a messy mistake-o-rama with Mississippi State , the mighty, mighty Gators look V.B.: Very beatable.
The zebras, I'm afraid, can only do so much.
Tim Tebow is human after all, after throwing 2 picks returned for touchdowns Saturday.
LSU proved that the Gators couldn't throw the ball with ease.
Arkansas proved that the defense was suspectible to the long ball. Ole Miss proved that pressure can bust a pipe.
What will the Georgia Bulldogs prove this Saturday?
You heard it here first: There's no way the Gators go undefeated through the SEC and make it out of the championship game.


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